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Learning how to embrace your femininity in a relationship is important. Here are tips on how to be in your feminine energy with a man. The easiest way to use feminine energy to attract a man is to let nature take its course. Men and women’s energies were designed to complement each other. By showing off your feminine side when you’re around the man you like. One of the most attractive things to a man is confidence, playfulness, and positivity.

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But shunning and repressing the dark feminine within us and our world has disconnected us from our power and each other. Photo by may be that your partner is more masculine, but she’s not sure of herself either. And if she’s not sure of herself, then you’re not going to feel safe and comfortable being feminine. Therefore, that’s going to force you to move into your masculine, and she’s going to be in her masculine. With two people trying to lead, the sexual polarity will die out.

Mother earth as we call it is the strongest from of divine feminine energy. Earth nurtures life, wherever we are we are connected to earth; our roots are firmly on the ground. Both masculine and feminine energies are present in all humans. But when people deny their true energies or attempt to repress it, which creates problems. Your masculine side is driven by power, aggression, ambition and warmth while your feminine energy consists of softness, sensual feelings, comfort, coolness, beauty, luxury and so on. But just like the act of forgiveness, opening your heart is not for other people; it’s for you.

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Her energy is contagious and you want to be around her, you want to enjoy life with her. They have a special energy and understanding of life that is hard to find in most men. If you try too hard to make things perfect in your relationship with a masculine partner, he will see this as a sign of insecurity on your part. If you’re the one who’s always been the ‘caretaker’ of your relationship, it’s probably a good idea to let someone else pay more attention to it now. But surprisingly I got very in-depth, specific and practical advice about addressing the problems in my relationship. This included real solutions to improving many things that my partner and I had been struggling with for years.

Adorning your space with anything that brings a smile to your face helps nurture this craving. This can be in the form of pictures, decor, or luxurious fabrics or colors. To bring beauty to our wardrobe will also help us express the feminine within. Maybe that means wearing flowy skirts with delicate sandals or rocking a sexy pair of heels with a sleek skinny leg pant.

By tapping into your feminine energy before a first meeting you’ll be setting the tone for the dating process right from the start. Connecting to your emotional life taps into your feminine energy, making you more present and more able to express yourself authentically. Know the difference between masculine and feminine energy.

After being single for years with no hope of meeting Mr. Right, she finally managed to get married to the love of her life. Now that she’s settled down and happier than she’s ever been in her life, she’s passionate about sharing all the wisdom she’s learned over the journey. Pearl is also an accredited astrologer and publishes Hack Spirit’s daily horoscope. The best way to know if your feminine energy is blocked is if you feel something is missing. This means that you need to operate in masculine mode when you are single, or away from your man, because we attract a mirror image of our own masculine energy back to us.

As people continue to realize that gender norms are a little outdated, we now think that being feminine is more of a style choice . Being feminine can mean different things to different people because each culture has its own notion of what it means to be female. Thus, simply doing less for men is another way to embrace more Feminine Energy in dating.

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Most women never leave home without completing their look with makeup. Aside from adjusting your appearance, makeup is a great way to enhance attractiveness and boost your confidence. Heeled shoes, scarves, handbags, hair accessories, and jewelry are some key items which can tie your look together, bring out your personality, and boost your overall feminine look. Feminine energy is connected to your heart chakra, as it’s the core of emotion. Feminine energy isn’t reserved for women – it exists in females, males, and non-binary folk.

Their masculine energy was on an overdrive to achieve their goals but there was little time for their feminine energy to allow their bodies to rest and heal. As mentioned earlier in the article all humans have an inborn masculine and feminine energy. For example, Lilith embodies uncensored, unapologetic, untamed sexual energy and primal life force. She is at one with pleasure and desire and this dark side of the feminine.

We can see it in the rise and reclamation of spiritual practices such as meditation and yoga. And we can see it in a deep desire to unplug from technology, immerse ourselves back into nature, and live and eat more seasonally by following the wheel rather than man-made holidays. If you approach a high-masculine energy man with your own masculine energy, you’ll create an environment of two bucks fighting for alpha position. A masculine-energy man will only battle you for position for so long. If you’re too much work, he’ll simply move on to another woman who graciously accepts what he has to offer. Pearl Nash has years of experience writing relationship articles for single females looking for love.