The best tablets for students in 2022.

Tablets for students can be excellent study aids whether it’s for university, the college or school. Some tablets are powerful enough to be able to replace your laptop making them a perfect way to study on the mobile. Their touchscreens and stylus support allow them to be ideal to take notes or sketch notes, and when you include an attached keyboard, you could even use one of the best tablets for students to make notes on assignments.

There are many choices for the ideal tablet for students based on level of power required. Students who study creative subjects and require complex graphics software, might need to consider a powerful tablet like an iPad Pro or Surface Pro. However, for students on courses that have no need for software with a large amount of resources there are a variety of economical alternatives.

In the section below we’ve compiled a list of the best tablet option for students from both sides of the range, offering options that include Apple, Microsoft and Samsung and can find more here from Our Articles We’ve assessed the pros of pros and cons of each tablet based on students’ needs, and paying focus on the build quality performance, portability and battery capacity. We’ve based our choices on our reviewers’ experiences with the various tablets as well as suggestions from our contacts, the stated specifications and reviews by customers (see how we test for more details on the process we use).

If you’re certain you do not want an iPad, you might want to check out our list of the top iPad alternatives. You can also find recycled versions of the tablets in my list below, before buying those read our guide on how to buy refurbished tech.

Tablets that are ideal for students to use in the classroom: available now

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01. Apple iPad Air (5th Gen, 2022)


Weight: 462g

Dimensions: 9.74 * 7.02 Dimensions: 9.74 x 7.02 0.24 inches

Storage: 64GB, 256GB

Screen size: 10.9-inch

The iPad Air was already a huge fan of the new 2020 iPad Air, and we had rated it as the best tablet for students since it launched. This year, the Apple iPad Air (5th Gen 2022) has snatched away the title of its predecessor, and has added a level of power which is almost making it an iPad Pro. It’s a robust, slim and light tablet that comes with Apple’s own M1 chip which is the major update over the previous model.

When we reviewed it, we noticed that the processor upgrade makes the new iPad Air capable of handling the majority of tasks that are put to it, including top art apps such as Procreate as well as the top tools for video edit. In light of the fact that it’s more affordable than an iPad Pro, for us this is the best tablet for students overall.

We found the screen to be bright and clear, while the front camera and USB-C has been upgraded over previous iPads (there’s also the possibility of 5G connectivity). Also, the upgraded iPadOS includes desktop workflows and workflows, with multi-tasking windows that accelerate work.

02. iPad Mini (6th Gen, 2021)


Weight: 293g

Dimensions: 195.4×134.8×6.3mm

Screen size: 8.3-inch IPS LCD

Storage: 64GB/256GB

Ever since it received Apple Pencil support the iPad Mini is a regular beloved of ours. the September 2021 update added a new optionby adding Apple Pencil 2 compatibility. Additionally, it received the boost in processor power, making it a surprisingly powerful mini device.

This iteration uses a reworked version of the A15 Bionic chip, which is designed for powerful processing. Although some users may feel frustrated with the limited RAM of 4GB in reality, it’s enough for the tasks you’d like to accomplish with this screen. We found the compact size and light (less than 300g) makes this tablet ideal for use on the go, for example on transport.

It’s got a great USB-C port, which can open up many possibilities. For instance, when evaluated the tablet we used it with an USB Audio DAC for listening to the Apple Lossless Hi-Res music, and with a USB mic to record a voiceover. The display is larger than the last iPad Mini, even though the overall dimensions are smaller with a 3×2 aspect ratio. We found the brightness to be extremely even making it enjoyable to use for long periods as well as being satisfied with the accuracy of the colours. Although you’ll still pay the premium Apple price, we think the iPad Mini 2021 delivers great value for money.

03. iPad Pro 12.9 (2021)


Weight: 682g

Dimensions 280.6 and 214.9 x 6.4mm

Storage: 128GB/256GB/512GB/1TB/2TB

Screen size: 12.9-inch

The biggest appeal of the iPad Mini is its portability however, if the area of study needs the power (and you have a larger budget) We recommend iPad Pro iPad Pro 12.9 (2021) as the best tablet designed for students studying creative subjects. Being the most powerful tablet Apple has but it’s not at an extremely affordable price, but you get the capacity to tackle even the most demanding visual design work with an almost MacBook-like performance. It can be used with the mouse and keyboard and it could could even use it as a super portable laptop.

The HDR display is the most stunning you’ll see on tablet, with 120Hz of refresh rate and having a resolution of 2048x 2732. Its peak brightness is 1600nits, and with better control over local dimming. This makes it more pleasant to look at for long periods. We found darker areas to have more depth and nuance that they provide, making for a better and more accurate image . This is an excellent tool for editing photos and videos.

We’re not able in recommending this as the best tablet for students because of the price, and we’d say it’s only worth investing in if have the specifications you require to run high-powered editing software. In that regard, it will not disappoint.

04. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra


Weight: 726g

Dimensions: 326.4 and 208.6 x 5.5mm

Screen size: 14.6-inch

Storage: 128GB – 512GB

If you’re looking for an Android tablet, and require lots of power, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra delivers this and comes at a very reasonable price given its specifications. The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra has a massive screen for tablets – 14.6 inches, which is smaller than the biggest iPad Pro. It’s a great alternative for people looking to make notes or draw using S Pen stylus. S Pen stylus, which refreshingly comes included as standard to make this an even better cost-per-dollar for a high-end tablet.

You can build all the way to quite powerful configurations too, offering up to 16GB in RAM and 512GB storage. Of course, the size makes it heavier than a lot of the tablets on our list of the top tablets designed for students. However, it is not much more portable. However, we loved the slim, sleek look when we looked at the tablet and thought that the bright, vivid screen was perfect for watching films and even editing photos. If you’re not interested in the specifications of the Ultra version, you may want to think about the less expensive standard Tab S8.

Be aware that there are difficulties with supply in the US due to the high demand, but Samsung’s Samsung store has products in stock. Additionally, there are imported options available on Amazon.

05. Microsoft Surface Pro 8


Weight: 890g

Dimensions 28.7 * 20.8 x 0.93cm

Screen size: 13-inch

Storage: 128GB – 1TB

If you’re choosing the iPad or Android tablet, you’ll likely find all the apps you need on their respective store. However, if the course you’re taking requires full desktop-based software instead of mobile apps, a Microsoft Surface Pro could be the perfect student tablet for you. Microsoft’s Surface Pro is a Windows PC in tablet form and allows you to make use of desktop software, such as the full-fat Adobe Photoshop and other Creative Cloud programs, without worrying about them not offering all the features that you could need.

Surface Go 3 below Surface Go 3 below is cheaper and therefore a good choice for students for general usage however, if what you are looking for is tablets that run desktop apps without having to breathe every now and then or else, the Surface Pro could be your new greatest companion. As we looked over it, we were able to see the improvements over the older Surface Pro 7 to be quite noticeable, both in terms of appearance and performance.

Its Surface Pro 8 is designed to showcase Windows 11 and it does this with ease thanks to beautiful display and an impressive processor. Combine it with the Type Cover that you can enjoy an experience that is able to stand above a laptop despite being slimmer and lighter. Battery performance is also excellent. There are various configurations to choose from, which allows you to go for a less powerful RAM or storage capacity to save money. It will always be a pricey tablet for students but it’s a good moment to get the 2021 model since it’s beginning receiving regular discounts in the wake of it’s the Surface Pro 9 is coming out.

06. HP Chromebook x2 11


Weight: 0.56 kg (1.99 kg with stand and keyboard)

Dimensions: 25.25 * 17.66 * 0.75 cm

Screen size: 11-inch

Storage: 128GB

The HP Chromebook x2 11 is a stylish Chromebook, which can provide the best of both worlds: it’s a tablet to take notes, web-browsing, video streaming and digital art but it also functions as an excellent laptop for writing and productive work once its keyboard clicks into place.

We have reviewed the HP Chromebook x2 11 review the tablet proved to be extremely flexible. We were just as happy to take it anywhere with a tablet, or even on an office desk to function as an actual laptop. Its stunning 2K QLED display and cloud-focused configuration provided excellent gaming capabilities and video streaming. Students who have an Xbox Game Pass account will enjoy this service between writing assignments and classes.

Of course, this is an Chrome OS device, so it isn’t without a caveat: it runs applications via Google Play Store. Google Play Store rather than full software as with the Surface Go from Microsoft. However, Google’s own suite of apps – Sheets, Docs and more – can be excellent alternative to Word as well as Excel. All data is saved and is accessible via the cloud, allowing you to access your work from anywhere you have an internet connection.

07. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite


Weight: 476g

Dimensions 244.5 in x 159.5 x 5.7 millimeters

Screen size: 10.4-inch

Storage: 64GB/128GB

We’ve already advised for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra above as the top tablet for students seeking an exceptional Android device with a fair price tag. If you’re not interested in the specs (or you don’t want such huge tablets), you could save money by buying an older, lower-cost Galaxy Tab.

The Galaxy Tab 6 Lite has long been superseded, but you can still find it online, often for a quite a bargain price. It still provides respectable performance and quality of construction, and once again, it comes with the S-Pen with the included. While it can’t compete with some of more advanced styluses, it’s adequate for note-taking and drawing.

08. Amazon Fire HD 8. (2020)


Weight: 355g

Dimensions: 202 x 137 9/7mm. 9.7mm

Screen size: 8-inch

Storage: 32GB/64GB

If you’re not in the position of having a ton of money to spend on a tablet, don’t despair. Although you won’t obtain the performance of the iPad Pro the budget tablets used by students you opt for the extremely affordable Amazon Fire HD 8 (2020) you should at least be pleasantly amazed at what it can accomplish. Even at a low cost, it comes with a number of decent options and features, and it’s significant improvement from the previous model.

If you’re an avid buyer on Amazon a lot and you have a Prime membership you’ll find a lot to take advantage of this tablet as well as running a wide range of apps to aid you in your studies. It can be used to process word documents and spreadsheets. It’s also very efficient when it comes to entertainment. For entertainment, there’s Amazon Prime, of course but also Netflix along with Disney Plus, and they all run smoothly and look nice on the 8-inch display. If you’re interested in tablets but don’t want to shell out a lot, this is a great economical option.

Be aware that for Amazon Fire tablets, the number refers to the size of the device (as in contrast with Samsung, Microsoft and Apple tablets, where they refer to the generation). If you’re looking to buy a bigger tablet, you can choose an option called the Fire HD 10, but we like the 8-inch version due to its size.